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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Why do you suppose-

that Dave Baggott, the owner of the Ogden Raptors Baseball Club called me this afternoon? And why did I miss his call since my phone was in my pocket all day?

Honestly, I have no idea why he called. I may find out tomorrow since whoever took my return call this afternoon wrote down my info and said he would pass it along.

You don't suppose he has a job for me do you? I could play Oggie, the raptor mascot and dance on the dugouts!

UPDATE: Dave called me. Apparently I left a message months back related to Ogden Clear Headlights and he was just clearing off his desk. He did offer me a killer advertising deal that I would love to be able to take him up on for my little 1 man business. The deal included 2 concourse banners, 1 each on the left field and right field concourse walls, a 30 second advertising spot on each radio broadcast of the games and enough ballgame tickets that I could attend every game with all my friends.

I really need a logo and just a few hundred bucks! I wonder if I did afford this opportunity if it would boost my sales. It would be some real advertising, something I haven't afforded so far and I would love to be a Raptor supporter, so this is a very tempting offer.

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